Our Founders

914United was born out of the 28 year long friendship between Jonathan and John. 

John Cabrera

Co-Founder |  Treasurer

Learn​ His Story of Dedication

A marker of this characteristic is most transparent in his brotherhood with Co-founder and Director Jonathan Alvarez. Their friendship of 28 years dates back to 1993. Crossing paths in kindergarten, John and Jonathan remained friends throughout their adolescent years, nearly inseparable until Jonathan jumped full-fledge into the streets and went away for a long-term prison sentence. John, nevertheless, stood by his side and extended support throughout his incarceration; their friendship evolved into a solid brotherhood. 

Work before the Movement

John always enjoyed giving back to the community. One of his most memorable moments were returning back to his high school on Career Day. Sharing his journey and career path, he loves the idea of inspiring youth to be future leaders and game changers. He attended Career Day and other speaking engagements for the youth, finding his true passion in uplifting the future generation. 

914 United Co-Founders Jonathan Alvarez and John Cabrera with NYS Sentator Chuck Schumer.