Our Programs

Financial Literacy - Pathways to ​Financial Success

Financial literacy is the education and understanding of knowing how money is made, spent, and saved, as well as the skills and ability to use financial resources to make smart financial decisions.​Facilitated by certified and licensed CPA’s, financial advisors, and real estate agents and investors, this 8-week course teaches budgeting, credit, debt, savings and checking accounts, different investment tools, along with the fundamentals of real estate and business structures. Its purpose is to inspire a mind-shift when it comes to finances - to change participants’ relationship with their money in which they no longer conceive it as something to work for, but as a tool to work for them.

Civic Empowerment - The A.C.T.I.O.N Plan

The A.C.T.I.O.N Plan represents Addressing Concerns & Taking
Initiative in Our Neighborhoods. This program focuses on civic empowerment with the aim to educate community members – primarily the youth – on how to use their democratic voices and to inspire them to impact positive change in their communities. This 8-week program teaches the role of all three branches of government with an emphasis on local government. The ACTION Plan provides the information on how to hold those in office accountable for the safety, security, and health of the community. Each seminar invites an elected-official to illustrate a day on the job and their role in office. A two-week project is be conducted by the participants after the 8-week workshop. Participants - divided in groups – work to address a real or an imagined issue by utilizing the resources taught in the program.

Reentry Mentors

Reentry Mentors ​are a team of formerly incarcerated individuals who have similar lived experiences as the mentees they aim to connect with. Reentry Mentors may share with mentees information about his or her own career path, as well as guidance, motivation, and emotional support throughout the reentry process. They also help with exploring careers, setting goals, developing contacts, and identifying resources. These mentors also facilitate the following workshops for system-impacted individuals:

  • The You’re Not Alone Brotherhood is a support group that works toward healing and building the individual, providing an open-therapeutic, informative space in which members can be vulnerable and authoritative, a teacher and a student, at the same time. This space is where we break routine, create entertainment, expand horizons, and ultimately form a solid brotherhood.
  • Manhood Training: Real Modeling consist of interactive, seminar-based workshops that draw from academic scholarship, personal stories, and motivational and musical videos to discuss incarceration, personal and community violence, hyper-masculinity, streetculture, and life-skills. The primary aim is to make participants self-reflect and selfanalyze their decision-making process and their master identities as they undergo the passage to adulthood in at-risk environments. The secondary goal is to make them examine and rethink the conventional idea of manhood as shaped by American masculinity, ultimately working to shed the mindset undergirding this idea. Manhood Training is an integral process of shaping boys to men.