Providing education and mentorship to underserved communities in the Lower Hudson Valley.

Our Mission  

Leaders build leaders; we work on the front lines to build our community.  914United Inc. is a program-based mentoring 501(c)(3)nonprofit organization working to expose, educate, and empower the youth and the justice-involved within the Lower-Hudson Valley. We champion the philosophy that it takes a village to raise a child and a team to achieve success.  In this spirit, we deliver interactive, seminar-based programs such as manhood training, financial literacy, civic engagement etc. We have a team of Real Models whose dedication and community value lies in supporting and uplifting system-impacted individuals. Our aim is to assist the youth in successfully transitioning into adulthood and provide returning citizens with essential support to sustain productive living. Using our lived experiences to up-lift system impacted individuals.

O ur Vision   

We envision a society where positive mentors offset negative influences; where disadvantaged communities receive institutional support in navigating life-challenges; and where retributive justice no longer exists. Inspired by the belief that we must support one another, we value the role of community effort in uplifting those in need. Our work lies in assisting our clients to secure promising futures.

Our Work  

The root to our purpose involves leaders building leaders! We provide interactive, seminar-based programs such as manhood training, financial literacy, civic engagement, & women empowerment etc. As an incentive, we provide internships in various professions as well as gift sponsorships from local establishments and community organizations--proffering committed participants free services to personal care, entertainment, adventures, and more. 

In addition, we have a team of Reentry Mentors - who returned from incarceration leading to successful lives - dedicated to providing guidance to the Justice-involved. Our pain birthed our passion, for we all are inspired by our lived experiences.

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